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From curiosity to passion
My first encounter with the Picardy Shepherd was, well,a case
of love at first sight. This love affair has rapidly become my
life’s passion. But wait! Let me tell you how it all started…

A few years back, as I was leaving a local pet shop,my eyes
were inexplicably drawn to a magazine on the rack. Among
several older numbers of a magazine called “Passionnément
Chien” (Passionately Dogs) was one particular edition which
caught my eye. There, in the upper corner, was a picture of
a somewhat scruffy-looking dog with huge upright ears, a big
black nose, an intense look and yes, he was smiling: It was a
Picardy Shepherd.  I was hooked! In the magazine article was
a picture of three magnificent Picards. I was ecstatic! I had at
long  last found the dog I had been dreaming about all of my
life! I left the shop with the magazine under my arm, my heart
brimming with ideas of how I could make this dream a reality.

Despite the fact that I was already the proud owner of a Great Dane, who was a true delight, I thought about
expanding my furry family. I had always been a fan of Great Danes, those kind-hearted gentle giants, but the
moment I discovered the Picardy Shepherd I knew I wanted to learn more about this particular breed. Adopting a dog
is a life-long commitment; I therefore knew that I had to first learn as much as possible about this particular breed
before going any further. Thus began my research.

Picardy Shepherds are said to be the oldest herding dogs in France, probably arriving there with the Celts around
400 years B. C. First exhibited in 1863, this breed was not officially recognised by the Société Centrale Canine until
1925. During WWII, the Picardy Shepherd all but disappeared, but thanks to the undying support from lovers of this
very special breed, these wonderful dogs are among us today for all of us to enjoy. According to experts, there are
approximately 3500 Picardy Shepherds in Europe and around 250 in North America, which is probably why I had
never encountered one! I had to find theses magnificent dogs and learn more about them

So naturally I turned towards their country of origin and asked for information at the French breed club “Les amis du
berger Picard”, they helped me enormously with my research. Thus began a long series of exchanges with Ms.
Catherine Pautot, a passionate Picardy Shepherd breeder in the area of Poitou-Charente, France. My conversations
with her only strengthened my desire to adopt such a dog. What began as a wish slowly matured into a full-blown
passion, and since passions are meant to be shared… I am now devoted to preserving and promoting this wonderful
herding dog breed.

They say, in breeding circles, that the most striking feature of Picardy Shepherds are their big ears. Personally, I
think their most striking feature is what goes on BETWEEN their ears!