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Canine development center

Behaviour consultation
Despite our best intentions, sometimes our dogs develop undesirable or antisocial behaviours. Some can
be very serious, like aggression issues and put at risk the dog and his owner, while others are more
benign but equally frustrating, just think of Fido's muddy paws on your mother-in-law’s dress... The good
news is that every problem has its solution! By carefully studying the problem and its context I can make
recommendations to correct or manage the situation and allow your dog to be the companion you expect.
The solutions proposed will rely on canine psychology, strategy and principles of learning rather than
force and coercion. The first consultation takes place in the dogs usual environment and takes 1hrs 30.
Ideally all members of the family are present at this meeting in order to gather the most information
possible contributing to establish your dog’s profile. The perception of family members can vary; therefore
the opinion of all is important to establish the most accurate portrait possible. Together we will explore all
facets of the life of your dog likely to have an influence on his behaviour as: nutrition, environment,
lifestyle and  innate or acquired behaviour. We also will be very attentive to what your dog has to say by
his body  language, his attitude and his behaviour. Thereafter I will make recommendations and teach
you the desensitizing or counter conditioning techniques or training exercises necessary for the
application of the remedy protocol. Within 48 hrs of my visit you will receive by email a report detailing any
recommendations discussed and my conclusion on the dogs behaviour issues.  A telephone follow-up will
be made a week later to confirm the progress and answer any questions.

Private training
You are ready to start training your dog now but want to make sure you’re using the good techniques.
Private lessons will teach you simple but effective methods to help you progress until you enroll in a group
classes or simply confirm that the techniques you are using are appropriate and in accordance with the
principles of learning and the most recent research on canine psychology. Whether you want to teach
basic obedience, learn the "clicker" training method or simply teach your dog a clever trick a private
lesson can save you much time and effort and especially strengthen the relationship between your dog
and you.

Private group classes
I will never put enough emphasis on the benefits to taking group classes given by qualified professionals
to complete the socialization of your dog but classes don’t always start when you're ready to begin. That
is why I propose private programs to dog owners living the same area. Choose where and when and with
how you would like to have a series of classes and I will propose a program customized to the needs of
your dogs. The classes can also be given at the Canine Development Center. As most schools are closed
for the summer period this is the period during which the private classes are the most in demand. Book
early to have the time slot that suits you best. Welcome to a personalized approach that meets your

Information on private classes:
Area served: a radius of 30 km of Quebec
Duration: According to the program chosen
Number of dogs: maximum 4 dogs of the same age group

For more details on the methods I use and costs of a consultation and private classes you can contact me
either by email at or by phone at 418-886-2461
Welcome to "la Maison des Chiens" where
learning is fun and rewarding