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Deva, our first Picardy Shepherd, is the one responsible for our unconditional attachment to this wonderful breed.
Deva Des Mandarines Bleues was born on May 19th 2008 from Tézé Des Mandarines Bleues and Verlaine de la Tour
Philippe, both 2007 champion dogs of France. Although I had chosen her parents because I loved that lineage
nothing guaranteed that the little female I much anticipated would be in the next litters. It was absolutely delighted
when Miss Catherine Pautot sent me a note telling me that Tézé had just given birth to two puppies, a male and a
female and that she consented to let me have the little female.

Deva arrived in Quebec on July 22nd after a few days of travel through the French countryside where we had a
chance to get acquainted. She adapted well to her new family and quickly began learning good manners. Deva is calm
and quiet when she’s inside but very energetic and cheerful when comes the time to go out and play. She passed a
herding instinct test at 4 months and this ancient quality of the Picard is still very present in her temperament, she
worked quietly with great intensity for her young age.

Although sky with strangers like most Picards, once the presentations are made she welcomes newcomers with joyful
exuberance always willing to play. Her favorite activities are racing squirrels up the trees, herding Mr. Beau Monsieur,
our cat, around the house and stealing toys from Ella Dee, but above all she wants to be with us wherever we go,
whatever you do. As a true Picard her greatest ambition is been part of the daily activities of her human family.

Here some of the activities in which Deva has participated:
Puppy classes, 5 weeks summer 2008
Herding instinct test,  October 2008
Basic obedience training, 8 weeks, Fall 2008
Herding clinic with Jan Wesen, summer 2009
First official CKC show, summer 2009
Show handling, 8 weeks, winter 2009
Agility classes, summer 2009
Advanced obedience, Fall ~ Winter 2009 - 2010

Deva des Mandarines Bleues is registered in the Livre des origines Français (LOF) and the Canadian
Kennel Club (CKC).
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