Canine development center
The Canine Development Center "La Douce Constance"  is first and foremost a meeting and
sharing place motivated by a common goal: the physical and psychological welfare as your
canine companion. All our services are provided with your dog at the center of our
concerns. Our methods are based on positive reinforcement and learning-theory  therefore
do not tolerate the use of force or coercion. Our facilities are safe, clean and respectful of
your dog's comfort. Our biggest strength is that we are constantly in tune with your dog's

My dear mother Constance passed away one summer night after a long life filled with children, duties,
and dreams. Her thirst for knowledge and discovery was probably never quenched, since raising her
family was the number one priority, as it was with most women of her generation. As her time
approached, although happy with her life, Constance admitted regretting one thing: she never got to
see Pompei. She unknowingly gave me of a major life lesson: Never put off until tomorrow what you
can accomplish today. This was the nudge I needed to pursue my life-long dream.

In order to do so I enrolled in a 4-year program of Advanced Canine Behavioural sciences with
specialition in canine aggressiveness and fear with the Companion Animal Sciences Institute
( I always enjoyed working with animals, so getting a degree was the next logical
step in my progression towards being able to communicate and transfer this knowledge to other dog
lovers. Here I am, a few years later, ready to share my passion and to teach the positive reinforcement
techniques that help develop a harmonious relationship between dog and master. No physical
punishment or adverse methods – only gentleness and perseverance leading to a relationship built on

Thus, La Douce Constance (Gentle Constance) was, for me, a natural choice of name for my canine
development center. Gentle respect and constance are key qualities in developing a good relationship
with your dog, but they also remind me of my mother, dear Constance, who in the end showed me
the way to my heart. Thank you for teaching me such a love of nature!
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