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Picardy Shepherd Kennel
Ella Dee de la Vallée d'Ottawa
Ella Dee de la Vallée d’Ottawa is the second Picardy shepherd to join our family.  She was born on January 14th,
2009 from Belle Double D Ranch et Charlot des Mandarines Bleues, both owned by Angèle et Léo Vanderlann .
The father of  Ella Dee, Charlot des Mandarines Bleues is from the same breeder as Deva, our other Picard.
They both have the same father, CH Verlaine de la Tour Philippe.  Ella Dee joined our family March 14th. She is a
sweet and attentive puppy, very eager to learn. She loves playing with the cat, running as fast as the wind and
coddling up against her friend Deva for a nap.

Ella Dee will start her obedience classes this fall but in the meantime she is discovering the world, and growing a
little bit more every day. We already can see how fast and strong she will be, she most likely will be very good in
agility sports or working the herds

Ella Dee is registered at the United Kennel Club and is in the process of been recognized by L.O.F. and the
Canadian Kennel Club.  

Here some of the activities in which Ella Dee has participated:
Puppy classes, Spring 2009
Herding instinct test, July 2009
Herding lessons, Summer 2009
Basic obedience, Summer 2009

Ella Dee de la Vallée d'Ottawa is registered at the United Kennel Club. View her pedigree