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Rescue Berger Picard Canada
Protecting the breed
You have a Picardy shepherd and can no longer care for him?
We're here to help you find a solution because we are aware that these decisions can be
difficult. Our goal is to allow your  Picardy shepherd to continue his life in good conditions
with all the love and care he needs to be happy. The Picardy shepherd is a dog with of rare
sensitivity and as  protector and guardians of the breed we want to avoid the stress of
shelters or even worse to your dog. We offer our knowledge of the breed, our network of
contacts and our energy to help you find the best solution in the interests of your Picardy
shepherd. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you and you can count on our
absolute discretion.

Your interested in our cause and you'd like to help protect the
Picardy shepherd?
We are always looking for:
Family ready to offer a home, lots of love and a second chance a Picardy shepherd
Family ready to welcome a Picardy shepherd in transition to its final home either for a
few days or weeks
Volunteers willing to offer their time and vehicle to transport dogs between their
former family and host families
Persons qualified as veterinarian or groomer wanting a give little of their time to help
our Picards regain health and dignity before being transferred to their permanent
Persons or businesses that can provide items that will be useful in the relocation of
dogs, such as crates, bowls, leashes, collars, toys or food.
Financial support to help us pay for food, veterinary bills and transportation of the
Picardy Shepherds in need

Your contribution will be very much appreciated and will help us
pursue our goal of protecting the Picardy shepherds of Canada.
S.O.S. Berger Picard/ Rescue Picardy Shepherd Canada
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