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How to raise for your Picardy Shepherd
House training

House training a puppy can be easily done if we understand
that dogs are naturally reluctant to dirty their space. All we
have to do is expand its own definition of cleanliness to the
broader sense of the humans with whom he lives. Here are
a few do's and don’ts that can accelerate the learning
process for your puppy.

Select your most tantalizing treat and reward generously the correct behaviour.
Use a puppy toilet if you must leave the puppy for a long period of time.
Crate puppy when no one is around to supervise and prevent accidents.
Clean up with white vinegar after putting puppy in a different room.
Establish a feeding schedule and stick to it; regular feeding means regular puppies.
Seconds count; reward right after the puppy eliminates in the right spot.
Step in your boots and go outside with puppy to multiply chances of rewarding the
right behaviour.

Fail to reward your puppy every time he does the right thing.
Avoid taking the puppy out after his nap, play or meal.
Inhibit his capacity of going in your presence by been impatient and yelling at him.
Leave your puppy confined for long periods of time, he will learn to dirty his crate.
Use harsh methods to punish puppy ; he will learn to go when you’re not around.
Refuse to be on puppy’s schedule and expect him to be able to refrain from going out.
Expect Fido number two to learn the same way Fido number one did.

When we teach house rules to a young dog it should be done with calm, compassion and
thoroughness. Learning can not happen in a violent and angry atmosphere. The owners
of a Noble Picard puppy can access the detailed method of house training by clicking on
the link below and entering their password.