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To preserve and protect
We have the privilege to live in the country on a
small piece of land near Québec City. When I was
looking for a place to settle down with my furry
family my requirements where the freedom of the
countryside but also the proximity of people because
it's at their contact that the Picardy Shepherd reveals
all the fineness of his character.  Walks in the woods,
swims in the creek and visits to the village are
part of the everyday life of our dogs.

Preserving and protecting this ancient and very rare
breed of French herding dogs came to me naturally. By maintaining a small-scale breeding
program, with the sole purpose of protecting the integrity of the wonderful physical and
mental features of the Picardy Shepherd, I wish to preserve this precious gift nature gave
us for many to enjoy.

Planning a litter requires careful consideration and it is a role I take very seriously! The
puppies born at Noble Picard Kennel, will have been primarily planned with the goal of
keeping one of the pups with us; the other puppies of the litter will become Picardy
Shepherd companion dogs and only be promised to serious buyers. My goal is to produce
fine Picardy shepherds therefore health, genetics and environment are determining factors
in my breeding decisions. All our breeding dogs will have been x-rayed and certified free of
hip dysplasia by the OFA.  In addition, they will have a yearly eye exam performed by a
certified veterinary ophthalmologist in order to detect any inherited retinal disorder leading
to retinal and macular degeneration.  Genetics, the study of pedigrees, conformation and
temperament of the future parents will have been scrutinized before a "marriage" is
decided. We want to put every chance on our side to produce a well balanced dog how will
be a worthy representative of his breed. I believe that the enviroment in prenatal and
neonatal stage has a major impact on the temperament of the pups. To ensure that the
Picardy Shepherd we raise is the prefect companion you are looking for, a special attention
will be given to the  temperament of the parents and the puppies will have been well
stimulated and socialized before their departure toward their new home.

If you’re looking for a loving dog that is sensitive, loyal, and yes, a little tenacious, come
discover the wonders of the Picardy Shepherd!
Picardy Shepherd Kennel