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Picardy Shepherd Kennel
Each puppy deserves a good family
The Picardy Shepherd  is a rare and ancient herding breed with beautiful qualities that I strive to preserve and
protect. I wish to take the time to get to know the future guardians of the Noble Picard puppies in order to help
them make an informed choice for the happiness and wellbeing of everyone. The process of adopting a Picardy
Shepherd, or any other dog, can’t be done on the spur of the moment, it is a commitment that entails
responsibilities and deserves consideration.

The scarcity of Picard puppies will give you ample time to study the breed,  discover  whether the Picardy
shepherd is a dog for you, choose the breeder whom you want to entrust with the so precious, the first months of
life of  your future canine companion and  prepare adequately for his arrival. Acquiring a Picardy shepherd
requires patience because you will have to wait for his birth. It is not uncommon to be on a wait list for one or two
years. Shelters are overcrowded with very good dogs dying to find a new family, if the love you have to offer cant
wait, consider giving a second chance to these dogs.

The perfect match
The Picardy shepherd is an energetic dog that needs to be raised with a lot of patience and gentleness but also in
a firm and determined manner. Although I perfectly understand the attraction one might have towards this
charming rogue, I must, for his happiness and yours, make sure you understand the type of dog you are about to
adopt. I can not let a puppy go until I have the assurance that he is really the dog you are looking for and that you
have the necessary time and experience to give him a good life. In order to help us make the perfect match
between your new puppy and you please follow this link and complete the adoption questionnaire.

Noble Picard for life!
When a puppy leaves our kennel to live with his new guardians, we will have already devoted a lot time, love and
attention to him. He is a Noble Picard puppy and always will have a special place in our heart. We expect that the
new Picardy owner will have properly weighed the pros and cons of its decision and realizes that he his taking a life
long commitment. In order to protect our dogs we will ask the future Picardy shepherd guardians to commit to
these few rules;

As guardian of a Picardy shepherd I pledge to ensure the physical and psychological wellbeing of my dog by
providing good quality food, all health care treatments needed and required exercise for his full development

As guardian of a Picardy shepherd I pledge to educate my dog with patience, gentleness and consistency
so that he reaches his full potential and becomes a good canine citizen

As guardian of a Picardy shepherd I promise never to sell, give or have my dog euthanizied* without having
first discussed it with my breeder. * The euthanasia clause applies except a case where the veterinarian would
recommend this solution to shorten the suffering of the animal

As guardian of a Picardy shepherd I promise to respect every clauses of the sales contract I signed when I
adopted my dog.

As guardian of a Picardy shepherd I agree to notify the breeder of any health or behaviour problem or of
death of my dog.

As guardian of a Picardy shepherd I will honestly reveal the true nature of the Picardy shepherd, with its
advantages and shortcomings, to any person wishing to acquire one.
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