Here are a few websites and books I
particularly like either for referral or just
for fun
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Special Picards
Dani des Mandarines Bleues                          

Élevage Des Mandarines Bleues,
Deva's breeder                                                

Capstone Berger Picard,
Ethical breeder and home of Ella Dee's brother

Élevage L'Abbaye des Sources Bleues          
Gaspar's breeder

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Forum where you can exchange about
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Information on raw feeding                         

Information on diets for dogs, from
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The Merk Veterinary Manuel                      


The Culture Clach by Jean Donaldson,
Publishers James & Kenneth
The dog whisperer, compassionate,
nonviolent approach to dog training by
Paul Owen, Adams Media
The other end of the leash by Patricia B.
McConnell, Ballantine Books
Don't shoot the dog! by Karen Pryor,
Bantam Books
How to speak dog by Stanley Coren,
Free press
Canine Behavior, a guide for veterinarians by
Bonnie V. Beaver, Saunders
How to help your fearful dog by Nicole Wilde,
Phantom publishing
Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt,
Clean Run Productions
Learning games by Kay Laurence,
Learning about dogs limited
The domestic dog, Its evolution,behaviour and i
nteractions with people,
edited by James Serpell
Dog language, an encyclopedia of canine
by Roger Abrantes,
Wakan Tanka publishers

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