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Picardy Shepherd Kennel

I pledge to train and socialize my dogs with patience and discipline in order for them
to reach their full potential, be good canine citizen and proud representative of the

I vow to respect and provide for physical and psychological needs of my dogs, keep
them in a healthy, caring and socially stimulant environment, provide good quality
food and all required health care

I pledge to judicious select registered subjects with good conformation, excellent
health and good temperament for my breeding program in order to maintain the
qualities of the breed as officially defined by the CKC standards and respect the true
nature of the Picardy Shepherd

I promise to only produce litters when I have the time and the adequate facilities to
ensure the well being of the puppies and their mother and to provide all the
necessary attention for their optimal development

I guarantee that the parents will x-rayed for hip dysplasia and all radiographs will be
reviewed by a trained radiologist from a recognized institution (AOF or HIP)the
breeding stock will also have passed a screening test for eye defect (CERF) before
the first service and every two years thereafter.

I guarantee that all my breeding dogs will have a full health review including complete
blood tests before their first service and every year thereafter

I promise that my bitches will not have more than one litter per year and only when
they will have reached their full maturity (around 2 years). If in an accidental or
exceptional case where they would produce two litters in the same year they will be
put to rest for a full year.

I guarantee that all puppies produced at Noble Picard Kennel will have been
socialized from the third week until their departure and  introduced to housetraining,
the leash and the collar.

I guarantee that my puppies will be at least 71/2 weeks old, will be vaccinated,
dewormed and identified by a microchip or tattoo and will be registered at the
Canadian Kennel Club or United Kennel Club before leaving their mother and siblings.

I pledge do only sell my puppies directly to their future guardian after taking
references and been assured that they have the time, the will, and the facilities to
raise, provide exercise and care and fullyappreciate the true value of this faithful

I vow to honestly reveal the true nature of Picardy Shepherd, with its advantages and
shortcomings, to any person wishing to adopt one.

I guarantee that the puppies produced by Noble Picard will leave the kennel with the
CKC or UKC registration documentation, a non-breeding agreement (if applicable), a
sale agreement, health and vaccination records, and a set of instructions on the
care, training and diet for the new puppy.

I pledge to stay available to mentor and  share knowledge about the Picardy
Shepherd with every guardian of the Noble Picard puppies.

I vow to take full responsibility for the puppies born at Noble Picard Kennel and to
every thing in my power to find them a foster home in the case they would be
returned by their new guardian.

I pledge to do everything in my power to ensure that none of my dogs are sold, given
or otherwise delivered to pet shops, animal brokers,  unethical breeders,
wholesalers,  laboratories or given as a gift or prices in a draw.

I promise to be an honest and responsible breeder and by doing so I fully adhere to
the by-laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures of CKC, as well as the
requirements of the Animal Pedigree Act (APA).
Here are the commitments I pledge to act by as a Picardy
Shepherd guardian and breeder