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Canine development center
Why not offer your dog a nice vacation rather than
send him in a dog boarding facility?

Our boarding facility is more like a canine holiday camp than enything else.
We have four small rooms of 5 by 8, two of them have large windows, we
also have a large 10 by 10 room with private entrance and windows for
large dogs or two dogs from the same family. "La Maison de Chiens" is a
brand new building, safe, clean and respectful of your dog's comfort. We
have a large indoor playroom so whatever the weather is your dog will be
able to exercise every day. Our greatest strength is to be tuned in  to the
real needs of your canine companion and have the training and skills to do
satisfy them. Lots of walking and sniffing in the forest, swimming in the
creek or just playing with the dogs of the house are on the menu, as
directed by the owner. We are located in a rural area in St-Antoine-de-Tilly,
only 25 minutes from Quebec. For us there is no typical days because each
dog is different and we adapt to these differences. No supplement for take
your dog out to run,  or to play with him or give him affection, this is what
we do every day. Here's an opportunity to offer fun filled days to your
companion canin in your absence.

Real doggie holiday for all!
Welcome to "la Maison des Chiens" !
For more details you can
reach us at

Limited space

Reservation requiered.

References provided.

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