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We are the sum of our experiences; the result of our
interactions with others. Every encounter has its
importance on the direction our life takes, but some
are more determinant. I would  like to take a moment to
thank people that without even realizing had a positive
impact on my life

A very special thanks to Jacques, the man in my life, for his patience toward our
ever growing furry family, for the nights interrupted by full bladder puppies, for
his resilience to hair in his soup and specially for sharing and letting my passion
for animals be expressed to it’s full.

Thanks to Mrs Danielle Gauthier de Varennes for her commitment and
determination in promoting respect toward animals and for her generosity while
mentoring me through the apprenticeship of positive reinforcement methods.

Thanks  to Mr. And Mrs André and Aline Vézina from Élevage la Picardie for so
kindly opening their home to let me experience my first encounter with a Picardy
Shepherd.  This encounter was the turning point in my “Picardian” adventure.

Many thanks to Miss Catherine Pautot, breeder and owner of “Des Mandarines
Bleues”, whom gave me the great privilege of becoming a true “Picardière” by
letting me have my very first Picardy shepherd; Deva Des Mandarines Bleues.