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Picardy Shepherd Kennel
How to care for you Picardy Shepherd
Exercise and growth
We tend to forget that puppies, as lively
and energetic as they can be, are fragile
and that certain precautions are to be taken
to ensure their security. A puppy will go far
beyond his limits with unfortunate consequen-
ces on his future health if the stimulation is
maintained. As a young child, the young
Picardy shepherd must have several quiet
periods throughout the day.

The golden rule
The physiological changes that occur between birth and puberty are enormous and the
time period during which they occur is relatively short. Special attention should be paid to
the type of exercise the dog is allowed to do during his growth.  As the skeleton is
developing and changing very quickly all  exercises that give a blow to the articulations
such as running up and down stairs, jumping, sharp stops and turns, jostling with other
dogs and children should be avoided . However, it is important to provide daily exercise for
your dog to develop good muscles that will support the joints. Walking and swimming are
excellent exercises for muscles that do not put any strain on the joints. The golden rule to
respect the physical limits of your growing puppy is to provide  5 minutes of exercise per
month of life and then give a rest period.

Reduce the risk
You should monitor the exercise of your Picardy Shepherd at least until the age of 18
months. Here are a few examples of environment in which injuries to the skeleton or the
muscles are most frequent: slippery floors, stairs, deep snow, rugged terrain only to name
a few.  Puppies been puppies, and  with all the energy of a their wonderful youth, you
probably will not always manage to control their games, but if you can better identify the
environment that could be harmful to them you will therefore to reduce the risk of injury.